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All Rates vary based on your own personal circumstances, we take into consideration all types of information,and our financing guidelines are not limited to, or as restrictive as those of banks and financial institutions, which allows us the flexibility to provide financing to whole array of different situations where credit isn’t necessarily stellar.  We also take great pride in the solutions we provide to assisting our clients improve their overall financial situation.

We at the PIXchange understand that no one likes out of pocket or upfront fees, and neither do we, so we simply refuse to charge them.

Any fees associated with your mortgage will come out of the proceeds, with all costs associated with your mortgage fully explained so that you know what you are REALLY paying.

Instant approvals  are provided within 1 business day for mortgage requests under 75% of the value of your home.  For financing requests up to 90% financing quotes are given within 2 business days.

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What is The PIXchange?

In Essence, We are an Online community of Banks, Institutional lenders, Private, non-bank lenders, Mortgage Investment Corporations,(and much more) who are all competing for your mortgage.

This gives a tremendous amount of flexibility in the type of mortgage products that are offered and available, even when the traditional lenders like banks may have no interest. (Due to the guidelines or restrictions imposed.)

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